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Optimization of business processes

BUSINESS PROCESSES IMPROVEMENT – intensive way to the development of the organization. 

Improvement of business processes is often called as optimization of business processes.

оптимизацияThese concepts are similar in essence and meaning. Implementation of the project of BUSINESS PROCESSES IMPROVEMENT  AND OPTIMIZATION allows you to increase business efficiency by reducing costs, changing the structure of the interaction between the different departments, reducing the components of manual labor and functions which are duplicated, standardization and automation of routine operations with the subsequent transfer to the outsourcing. The project includes the development and introduction of the risks management system which will let operational management of the company make management decisions in the times of uncertainty and if crisis situations occur.


By ordering the service of analysis of business processes for their improvement, optimization and automation, you increase the involvement of your employees in results achievement, improve the handling of the company and as a result increase the company’s profitability.

In case you notice in your company negative signs like:

▪ Decline of quality of your product
▪ Lack of control points
▪ Double controls
▪ Decrease of the level of employees job satisfaction in the company
▪ Staff turnover
▪ Unjustified increase of administrative costs
▪ Slump of profits
▪ Reduction of customer base
▪ Increase of the number of your product  returns
It is necessary to make an urgent decision on finding root causes, one of which is always inefficient organization of internal business processes of the company.

The team of Finance Solutions Group will develop the individual project for the development and optimization of business processes of the Company. You will get the professional advice, recommendations and staff training.


▪ Analysis of the existing business processes in the company;

▪ Finding of ineffective, duplicate functions;

▪ Recommendations regarding development and optimization of business processes;

▪ Consultation as to recommended business processes;

▪ Preparation of “Business processes map” and job descriptions for staff;

▪ Implementation and support of the provided recommendations.

Your order to perform services by the experts of  “Financial Solutions Group” is your investment in an advantageous and effective development of your business.

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