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Finance management

Financial management is an important component of activities of the organization and includes a set of procedures and instruments which make the job of the company transparent, predictable, manageable.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – instruments which are consist of a plurality independent resources, financial risks minimization, evaluation of potential of the financial capabilities, crisis management, financial control.



The quality of the financial results is depend of coordinated work of above-listed operations, finance management rationality, and as a results – financial stability of the company and stability of company’s development. And vice versa – poor quality and inadequate finance management which brings to the company financial outlays, and miscalculations have potential risks of bankruptcy.



FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT requires accuracy, careful planning, substantial finance resources and responsibility of the manager.


▪ Company’s preparation for the first application of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standarts)
▪ Finance analysis of the company;
▪ Accompaniment of the external audit;
▪ Introduction of the instruments of budget planning and control;
▪ Optimization of the company’s expenses project development;
▪ Tax planning system introduction;
▪ Payback calculation of the capital investments;
▪ Consultation of financial operations;
▪ Risks management system introduction;
 CFO outsourcing services on a temporary basis.

“Finance Solutions Group” offers services of financial management for companies at all stages of development. Professionalism, individual approach, modern methods of finance management implementation and management accounting.

Planning, analysis, performance management – are the steps to success.

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