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Financial activities outsoursing

FINANCIAL OUTSOURCING – dynamically developing branch of activities which involves external support services in the field of financial activities during the whole life cycle of the company.   Support provided by external consultants is in demand within companies of different size and level. Big business often engages in large-scale projects consultants in the field of financial outsourcing. Financial outsourcing is particularly popular for the companies of SMB, SME and SOHO segment as keeping in the staff professionals in the field of finance is rather complicated and/or   expensive. The best possible solution is to engage external consultant for personnel training, work coordination and establishment of the business processes.

Business is changing rapidly; a lot of novelties appear at the market of financial instruments. To follow continuously and apply all actual changes in one`s activity, it is necessary to possess the only one nonrenewable resource – time which will be at disposal of professional in the field of finance and economics.

When continuously fulfilling operational activities strategic goals may become of a secondary importance. And vice versa, if you spend all the time by developing strategy, operational activities pile up. Such approach of business management does not bring positive effect, it creates conditions for spreading of a crisis situation in the company: it slows down functioning of business processes and worsens financial situation of a company.

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If your company meets either one of the listed below criteria:

YOU ARE ENTREPRENEUR  who has developed a unique product. You want to create business but you do not know what to begin with

YOU HAVE BUILT UP A BUSINESS and it is required to create financial, fiscal and management accounting, system of planning and analysis of business performance, but existing financial flows does not allow to hold professionals in the staff

YOUR BUSINESS IS RAPIDLY DEVELOPING and system of manual management does not allow you any more to further your product and work on its improvement, all time is spent on administration, restart is required urgently

YOUR BUSINESS HAS ALREADY PROLIFERATED, you have huge amount of employees which fulfill administrative doubling activities and inefficient controlling functions

YOU HAVE ALREADY BUILT REPORTING SYSTEM, but you are aware that it fails to meet reality: in spite of earned profit there is no funds to pay dividends

TAXES PAID EXCEED PROFIT OF THE COMPANY, however there are continual claims from tax authorities

YOU HAVE GOT AN IDEA OF BUSINESS START-UP. To raise funding you need to develop strategic and financial model of the company, calculate IRR (Internal Rate of Return), define optimal sources of funding

imageIn all the above-mentioned cases team of employees from Finance Solutions Group will develop solution of aComplex Financial Assistance” individually for each company. This project will be in line with the   current stage of life cycle of the company. Besides, Finance Solutions Group will bear responsibility for all activities inside your company related to the project implementation.






▪ Choice of taxation system
▪ Set-up of accounting
▪ Formation of accounting and fiscal reporting


▪ Accounting set-up, keeping and reconstruction
▪ Choice of taxation system
▪ Charges of tax and duties
▪ Accounting reports preparation and timely rendering to regulatory authorities
▪ Counseling on accounting transactions
▪ Accounting expertize of all transactions and documents
▪ Payroll accounting


▪ Preparation of HR source documents (HR orders, staff list)
▪ Personnel recordkeeping
▪ Completion of documents (sick lists, employment confirmation letter, preparation of documents for hiring procedure in accordance with Labor Law of Ukraine)
▪ Personnel reports preparation and rendering to competent authorities


 Financial counseling
▪ Analysis of source documents
▪ Preparation of financial and statistics reporting in accordance with the requirements of existing legislation
▪ Timely rendering of reports


▪ Analysis and check of source documentation
▪ Check of payroll accounting and taxes charges correctness for the accounting period
▪ Preparation of reports to fiscal office and Pension Fund
▪ Preparation of financial reporting
▪ Timely rendering of reports


▪ Revenues and expenditures planning
▪ Funds mobilization, investment
▪ Rational disposition of financial resources
▪ Actual expenses allocation in line with planned ones
▪ Preparation of the funds report: resources received and spent



▪ Analysis of business activities to define strong and weak points
▪ Financial analysis of the company
▪ Development of strategy and program of tactical activities for strategy execution
▪ Restructuring management according to the elaborated program
▪ Restructuring program support
▪ Results estimation

It is possible to put responsibility of all complicated and time-taking tasks fulfillment on the shoulders of experts and be confident in their qualitative, professional, timely fulfillment in line with Ukrainian Law.  Clear, transparent, exact information adds value to business activities, increases profitability and enhances steadiness of the company development. A recipe for successful financial result in aggressive competitive environment is qualitative business management.

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