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Crisis management

CRISIS MANAGEMENT – strategic management system, which play an important role in solving the crisis and its completely elimination from the company.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT is an actual term not only in time of economic crisis in the country, but inside the company. Crisis quite strictly dictates its rules, crisis blocks the normal operation of the business, which leads to bankruptcy in the near future, if the problems are ignored.



That’s why it’s necessary to be armed and make necessary measures not only for its elimination, but and before its emergence. If this problem have already existed, we offer to you crisis management services.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT SERVICES outsourcing  – it’s developing a set of procedures, which aimed at identifying the causes of finance crisis management in the company and eliminate it as quickly as it possible.



Crisis management procedures include such steps:

▪ Company’s current stage evaluation and analysis;

▪ Analysis of factor, which influenced development of crisis situation in the company;

▪ Company’s crisis strategy development;

▪ Development and implementation crisis management program;

▪ Evaluation of risks;

▪ Support anti-crisis measures.

You’ll get an independent analysis, financial advices, carrying out measures to eliminate errors inside the company plus stuff training with the team of professionals “Finance Solution Group”. As a results of this work you’ll get business optimization and company’s financial handling stabilization in changed circumstances.

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