14.06.2018 News: The team of the company “Finance Solutions Group” took part in the 4th tournament of “Managerial duels”

June 10 in the BEEF meat & wine restaurant hosted the 4th tournament of management wrestling which based on author technology by Vladimir Tarasov. The moderators and organizers of the event were Vladimir Rogov and Ekaterina Martynenko. In turn, the role of the judge in the first fight was taken by the director of the […]

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12.06.2018 Event: We are 3 years old! Congratulations on the occasion of the birthday of the company “Finance Solutions Group”

On this sunny summer day, we celebrate our company’s birthday. We are three years old! These years were not simple and at the same time instructive and interesting. Today our team is a united, friendly, purposeful collective. Our clients are our friends and partners, our inspirers and motivators. We are grateful for your choice, trust, […]


08.06.2018 We are in the media: CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group” Lyubov Tsymbal has narrated to the reader of the portal Delo about when it is more effective to optimize the business and how to properly accompany this process

Recently, very often we hear the word “optimization”. For someone, this is a vital activity process. Others associate it with anxiety, because you have to “optimize” something, that is, reduce it. In reality, optimization is the basis for effective work, development, enhancement and maintenance of the company’s sustainability and competitiveness. This is a consistent process […]


28.05.2018 We are in the media: CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group” Lyubov Tsymbal has shared on the portal “Today” her thoughts about worthwhile of admiting an external consultants to the business

It is laid by nature in people that we are all afraid to leave the comfort zone, fundamentally change something in our life. In business, the same situation. For example, it is necessary to admit an external consultant in his “brainchild” (“home”), to take a decision to abandon such habitual areas as accounting, legal department, […]

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23.05.2018 We are in the media: CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group” Lyubov Tsymbal has shared on the pages of BUSINESS magazine her vision on how to build effective relations between the client and the consultant

You, as the owner of the business, thought at least once to allow consultants to enter into your business? What thoughts accompanied you while you think about this issue? I think that it was definitely not without a shadow of a doubt: what if it does not cope,or he will steal information, or delay all […]

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15.05.2018 Media: CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group” Lyubov Tsymbal shared with readers of the magazine “Business and Security” her vision for building economic security.

Under market circumstances, the success of a business largely depends on the assurance level. Issues of economic security of the company stem not only during periods of crises, but also during periods of stability. The specificity of national market relations conceals a large number of dangers both from the outside and within the company itself. […]


14.05.2018 Events: Video report of the conference “Corporate Security of Business”

“Corporate Security of Business” conference which was held in march, was dedicated to the protection of economical and legal information, intellectual property right protection, information protection to protect the business and work as much as possible in the legal field. The conference was attended by business representatives, government, local autonomous power, who shared practical skills, […]


20.04.2018. CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group” Lyubov Tsymbal presented a report at the conference on IFRS-standards and reporting

April 18, at the conference “IFRS: Practice of Application” Lyubov Tsymbal, CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group”, made a presentation on term “How to reduce the timing of reporting on IFRS”. During the conference, issues of the terms, stages and procedures for transitioning to IFRS, how IFRS work, the risks faced by companies, etc. […]

Новое время бизнес

17.04.2018 We are in the media: CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group” Lyubov Tsymbal has shared with readers of the portal “New Time.Business” her advices about how to build and save reputation of the business

The widespread use of innovative technologies, the use of social networks and their continuous improvement leads to the fact that the information is distributed at a speed of light 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Especially that which can cause irreparable damage. For example, in the very short period of time, because of […]

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11.04.2018 Event: The results of the training “Financial Management 2.0: how to take finances under control” conducted in Dnipropetrovsk

The training “Financial Management 2.0: How to Take Finance under Control”, which conducted in the city of Dnieper in February, was very busy. The author and host of the program, Lyubov Tsymbal, CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group”, a practitioner with more than 25 years of experience in financial management, provided information that was […]


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