23.10.2018 Why does the team need a change leader? What should it be? And why is it important to carry out of changes not only with the help of internal resources, but with the help of involved experts – outsourcing companies? Read about all of this in the new article of Lyubov Tsymbal on the portal New Time. Business

“Why is it essential to involve an external team in such complex projects? At least because outside experts can objectively assess the risks, accompany and control the implementation of project changes, and they do not distract on the other tasks. Meanwhile, employees inside the business are engaged in operational work, their tasks and the project […]


29.09.2018 This week, the CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group” Lyubov Tsymbal took part in the Forum “Business Case Studies. Owners for owners “, which gathered more than 180 executives and business owners from all over Ukraine. “

A very interesting event in which a real business showed a specific problem, and a team of entrepreneurs and experts by brainstorming found a solution, of course, I was in the group where were considering the case of an outsourcing company. Thank you for the interesting case of ELMA Consulting and its manager partner to […]


27.09.2018 the CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group” Lyubov Tsymbal has shared her advices with readers of the portal WOMO

“I’m still learning and in my opinion it is one of the most effective and fruit-bearing rule in my life. I am taught by people who have achieved more than I. This continuous process brings me pleasure. Therefore, my last recommendation is to study for your own pleasure! It’s interesting and does not let you […]


11.09.2018 We are in the media: CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group” Lyubov Tsymbal has shared with readers of the portal “Today” her thought about why you do not need to rely on loans, but it is worthwhile to engage in financial education of the population

Another IMF loan or financial literacy since childhood? For the Ukrainian government, the period from September 6 to September 19 will be one of the most “exciting” in terms of expectations. After all, on Thursday, the mission of the International Monetary Fund began to work, which should determine whether we will get another tranche or, […]

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23.08.2018 We are in the media: CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group” Lyubov Tsymbal has shared, with readers of the portal New Time. Business, with her thoughts how an outsourcer can help a start-up business

How an outsourcer can help a start-up business? A unique product and an innovative idea have long been symbols of successful business. But often for young newly created projects, there are often not enough skills which are necessary for business development such as sales, finance, marketing, etc. It would seem that there is a good […]

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14.07.2018 Event: Congratulations with the Day of the accountant!

Dear colleagues, partners and just friends, accountants! We congratulations you with your professional holiday – Day of the accountant! On this day the team of the “Finance Solutions Group” wishes you professional success, health and activity, and in the work – more productivity and pleasure! Congratulations!

Новое время бизнес

06.07.2018 We are in the media: CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group” has shared with the reader of the portals New Tima. Business her thoughts about what should be the consultant be and without what qualities does his work become inconclusive

Three years ago, I did not even imagine how much the role of the manager differs from the role of a consultant. Having accepted, after 25 years of work in the largest international and Ukrainian holdings, the decision of fundamentally changing of my personal goals, I founded a consulting company. Such simple and understandable financial […]


05.07.2018 Event: CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group” Lyubov Tsymbal took part in the IInd Conference “Corporate Budgeting”

In the current conditions in the country’s economy, it is difficult to form not only medium-term, but annual budgets. The managers try to look for new approaches to budgeting in order to increase the reliability of the budget and speed up the process of its preparation. Within the framework of the conference, Lyubov Tsymbal made […]


27.06.2018 We are in the media: CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group” Lyubov Tsymbal has narrated to the reader of the portal about why it is important to give on outsourcing business processes

The issue of transferring tasks for outsourcing has recently been raised very often at business events, conferences, seminars, business meetings. If it is a common practice for foreign companies, domestic companies are still looking to whether it is necessary to outsource business processes and what will the company get in return? together with leading […]


15.06.2018 News: The company “Finance Solutions Group” entered the “TOP-10 outsourcing companies of Ukraine”, where took 3rd place of honor

Strategic Business Review magazine first published a rating of “TOP-10 outsourcing companies of Ukraine”. 40 Ukrainian outsourcing companies took part in the project, among them – “Finance Solutions Group”. The main indicators on which was conducted the analysis and the winners were determined: the number of clients, their reviews, the number of services provided, the […]


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