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10.12.2018 Events: Representatives of the company “Finance Solutions Group” took part in the business dinner “Business and Bank: financing, capital, risk assessment”

CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group” Lyubov Tsymbal and company’s sales manager Yurii Tsymbal took part in business dinner “Business and Bank: financing, capital, risk assessment” last friday, which, in addition to FSG, was organized by law firms Dictum and Titan. Were talking about the requirements of the bank to the borrower, about the norms of legislation that protects the borrower and the lender, about reputation, etc. Lyubov Tsymbal told about the internal business opportunities, about the reserves that every businessman has. “Business is a living organism. And the possibility of raising funds is one of the main possibilities for its existence. If we have not money – it means that we are not moving further, but we are marking time. But first of all we have to learn about how to manage money, and not just borrow it and enjoy the illusion that everything can be fine when we have a lot of money, ”said Ms Tsymbal.

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