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01.04.2019 Event: The founder and CEO of the company “Finance Solutions Group” Lyubov Tsymbal took part in assembly “Women’s strategy of doing business”

At the end of March, The Owners & BIRÉLIN Ukraine held an evening of women’s business talks, during which owners and managers in legal, financial, recruiting and other areas shared their experiences and secrets of doing business in a new format: a round table with every expert and speaker. Lyubov Tsymbal also took part in the event and told its participants about her way to her own business and how she maintains her work-life balance.

“What are driving by a woman who has decided to start her own business? There is no definite answer to this question. For me, this is the desire for self-realization. Not just being a good manager in a well-known company, but creating a business itself. Each of us has the same opportunities, but not everyone is ready to use them. Of course, you need to work 24/7, you have to give up from a lot, but when you see the result, your own result – it is an incomparable pleasure. And you also need to remember that you need to remain a woman, a wife, a mother and in my case I also has to be a grandmother, having some feminine weaknesses, “shared Lyubov Tsymbal.

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